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Education facilities

Broadening the horizons
while looking boldly
into the future

The construction of educational facilities must meet a number of formal requirements. When designing and building schools, kindergartens or child care facilities, we have to remember about a number regulations but also about functionality, aesthetics and safety of future users. It is also important to differentiate between the expectations and needs of contracting authorities who build facilities for universities and those who invest in a kindergarten or a nursery.

Prefabricated products manufactured by our company are perfectly suited for such conditions. Matching the elements for a specific project and the possibility of free space design with the use of modern and neat architectural solutions allow us to meet high expectations in this exceptionally demanding sector.

We build using eco-friendly, fireproof materials with respect for the environment. Construction of schools, lecture halls, kindergartens or nurseries is a challenge for us on one hand; but on the other, it is a space where our products fit perfectly and our company philosophy (our mission and our values) works best.

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