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Floors for sale and rent

Building large warehouses or production floors is a huge undertaking. It requires time, a material staging area, as well as a large technical and logistical capabilities. Construction of warehouse or logistics floors is particularly burdensome in large cities, where we have to deal with dense development, everyday traffic or lack of sufficient space for construction site compounds.

These are the conditions we flourish at!

We offer the clients concrete prefabrication technology that is supplied by Pekabex Development. Above all, the construction of a hall, even a very large one, using prefabricated elements does not require materials to be stored on site. What is more, prefabricated halls are built much faster, because they are assembled from ready-made elements delivered directly to the construction site at a convenient time that has been agreed with the client.

Benefits of prefabricated construction
by Pekabex

  • optimisation of building space
  • high fire resistance
  • resistance to external factors

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