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Multi-family housing

“How would you like to live?”
This is the question we need answered
in our developments!

The construction of modern housing estates that meet the highest quality and safety standards, and at the same time are environmentally friendly is a real challenge today. The efforts to meet the needs of future residents of our multi-family buildings and to consciously create local communities, starts already at the stage of searching for new, attractive land for the planned development. Comfortable flats, functionality of the estate, introduction of modern and innovative solutions and care for natural environment are what we pay attention to during the whole design process, as well as during implementation.

When designing housing estates, we draw inspiration from Scandinavia, focusing primarily on functionality, durability and comfort of apartments. We implement technological innovations in housebuilding industry to enable us to build faster and safer. This allows us, as a developer, to obtain, in a competitive time, a liveable location that has practical and functional organization of space. When building modern multi-family housing estates, respect for the environment is an important aspect for us, with the crucial outcome being the creation of conscious local communities.

The advantages of prefabricated multi-family housing:

Pekabex builds from 1,000 to 1,200 prefabricated apartments in Sweden every year. Construction using prefabricated technology takes about 30–40% less time than traditional construction and is very much independent of weather conditions, which means clients get their finished apartments sooner with very high quality of workmanship.

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