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Single-family housing

Happy to face a challenge,
glad to meet expectations!

Single-family housing is a part of our offer dedicated especially to institutional developers who own land properties or would like to purchase such property together with us in order to build an estate of single-family houses and then sell it to individual customers. In this segment, we focus primarily on what we know best – design, delivery and assembly of prefabricated elements.

We guarantee delivery of your dream home using the latest technologies, according to the highest standards and, what is important, in line with the schedule that has been developed and approved at the design stage. Customers who entrust us with the construction of single-family housing estates appreciate our professionalism, speed of implementation thanks to the use of prefabricated elements, and the highest quality of our products that is not available using traditional technology.

The prefabricated construction technology we use in our projects goes hand in hand with the latest solutions in the field of ventilation, heating or intelligent house control.

We focus on elegant and timeless design with careful detailing, which is, in our opinion, what creates the ambiance and makes the building a whole.

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