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Do you own a property
and want to increase its value?

Are you wondering whether you should sell your plot or build something on it?

Pekabex is the best choice if you're looking for a business partner. Thanks to our broad competence model and our own production, we are not only able to design, obtain permits and build, but also commercialize the project, take care of sales and marketing, and obtain financing. We offer a business model consisting in the distribution of additional profits from sales, resulting from the project, over the value of the land contributed to the project by the Owner.

Thanks to Pekabex modular systems, you will achieve short construction time (up to 40% shorter than traditional technology), additional sales floor area (up to 7% more usable floor space), very high quality of the facility, and additionally – thanks to our experience and knowledge – professional design preparation and execution of the project.

Do you have land
for sale?

Or perhaps you consider participating in a development that will bring you profit?

Our company is constantly looking for partners who have land for construction purposes and are interested in commercializing their assets. We also acquire land ourselves, both for the broadly understood industrial construction, warehouse or logistic construction, as well as for housing construction (single-family housing, multi-family housing, collective housing).

We carry out and help to carry out projects using modern construction technologies. We consciously and responsibly support the construction and development of our Partners. We offer our clients a team of professionals consisting of construction, analysis and business consulting specialists, engineers and designers.

The process

Cooperation with the Client is a process aimed at responsible, professional and timely execution as well as completion of an entrusted project. This is taken care of by our experts, who are in constant contact with the Client.

Finding a property,
due diligence
and business analysis

of the property

Design and obtaining
necessary permits


Building production




Regardless of whether the cooperation concerns the construction of housing estates, schools, office space or a warehouse building, it is a dynamic process, flexibly adapted to changing conditions.


Professionalism and reliability are the basic values we offer and guarantee to our Clients. But cooperation with us also means many measurable qualitative and financial benefits that our Partners can count on.


Pekabex Development has a whole range of professional services to offer to its Clients. They can benefit from business analysis up to building commercialization. Our Client does not have to worry about anything. All actions on their behalf are performed by our experts. Cooperation at the highest level. Check our offer!


Thanks to many years of experience and expert knowledge in the area of industrial and residential building project management, with particular emphasis on the construction of prefabricated buildings, we are able to offer you a comprehensive cooperation. What we can build together:

  • Residential buildings
    - multi-family
    - single-family
  • Office units
  • Hotels, apartment hotels, condohotels
  • Education facilities
    - schools
    - kindergartens
    - nurseries
  • Student accommodation blocks
  • Public utility buildings
  • Health care and rehabilitation buildings
  • Senior care buildings
  • Retail facilities, shopping centres
  • Halls
    - warehouses
    - production floors
    - logistics floors
    - sports arenas
  • Multi-storey car parks

One stable partner for the entire project

The majority of project services and works are performed by Pekabex. It is an excellent proposal for developers that implement construction management projects.

If an Owner has a land property or financial resources, they can carry out the entire project with Pekabex without having to build their own team or outsource competences from several sources.

Pekabex's solid position as a leader on the prefabrication market is an additional guarantee of success.

Sales area increased by up to 7%

Thanks to the use of prefabricated technology, the usable (sales) area of a building is increased by about 3–7% compared to traditional technology buildings. Manufacturing the structure under controllable conditions in the production plant gives this possibility, according to the relevant standards. This is not technically possible with traditional technology.

High return on investment

The right optimisation approach to the project from the very beginning (programming phase) is the key to financial success. We are with the Client from the very first stage to make sure their development yields high return.

Minimum or no financial commitment

A land property owner does not have to engage their own financial resources when carrying out the project, their contribution is the value of the property.

Price guarantee

Thanks to our experience in the demanding Scandinavian markets, we can guarantee that the price of prefabrication work given as early as the building concept stage starts will be maintained. This solution is not possible with traditional technology which is much more prone to price increases in the construction works.

Cheap and fast construction in all weather and site availability conditions

With prefabrication, it is possible to avoid many labour-intensive works and to reduce overheads, as well as direct and financial costs thanks to:
- no scaffolding on the construction site (finished façade arrives from the factory),
- no need to chase the walls for installations (installations are laid in the wall before concreting an element),
- no need for plastering (high accuracy and smoothness of the surface),
- immediate interior finishing works even in winter possible,
- construction time can be shortened by up to 30–40%, the walls are supplied with built-in window joinery and installations; furthermore, with favourable ground and water conditions it is also possible to prefabricate the underground portion / garages,
- weather-independent assembly – prefabricated elements are fully weatherproof, their assembly is quick and possible practically in all conditions with no compromise to quality,
- guarantee of concrete quality – concrete gets its strength before leaving the plant, mix preparation and concreting takes place inside the building without influence of weather conditions,
- a much higher level of occupational health and safety of the construction site,
- on-time delivery – just-in-time with proper project planning, guaranteed delivery on time, ideal solution for construction with limited construction site and lack of space for storage of building materials.

Beautiful façades – ideal for an Architect

Free design – buildings are made for a specific project (suit-to-purpose), prefabricated elements are made to order and can take any shape. As a result each client can have their building looking exactly as they want.

Guaranteed repeatability – especially important for the production of many complex architectural elements, as well as for the reproduction of details that are unique for a given Developer.

Scandinavian style – a Scandinavian approach to quality and attention to detail, both in visual, architectural and technological aspects such as thermal insulation and acoustics.

Highest quality and durability of products

Prefabricated products are made in a factory, under strict quality control. This is a completely different solution from traditional technology, where quality can depend on the weather, employee skills and proper supervision.

Prefabricated elements are made under strict quality control of specialists, all finished prefabricated elements undergo quality tests, manufacturing tolerances are much better than the monolithic method, which results in lowering costs for supervisory inspectors.

We leave nothing to chance!

User comfort and saving operating costs

No moisture – prefabricated elements arrive at the construction site dry so you can move into a building that is drier than traditional buildings.

Excellent acoustic properties of concrete – concrete is an excellent soundproofing material so noises are not transferred between individual rooms or storeys.

Excellent thermal parameters – poor thermal conductivity and high thermal capacity; in summer, concrete heats up for a long time, thus protecting rooms from heat; in winter, cavity walls not only limit heat loss from the building, they accumulate it so that the building cools down for a long time.

Fire resistance – prefabricated elements from which the building is made do not contain any flammable materials so the building structure is fully fire resistant.

High quality of the building – production of prefabricated elements takes place under controlled conditions to fully guarantee concrete quality; this results in better durability and, consequently, in lower maintenance costs of the building.

Robustness and durability – the durability of the concrete façade is incomparably better than the traditional lightweight technology with the façade finish also looking much better.

Changes by tenants – it is possible to introduce most of the tenant changes, carried out at the Client's request at the construction stage or immediately after its completion. As a result the space is better adapted to expectations of the future user.

Ecology and innovation

Full respect for the environment, control of production in the plant, possibility of dismantling the building at the end of its life cycle and complete recycling, practically no waste on site.

Low emission of pollutants and waste – production takes place under controlled conditions, whereas the emission of substances to the environment on a traditional construction site is practically uncontrolled. Waste from prefabricated production is produced only in the plant and is recycled.

BIM technology enables fast design process, effective project management and optimization of construction process with the implementation of the latest architectural and engineering solutions.

In our pilot developments, we implement many new innovative solutions so that our customers, both individual and business, can be sure that our product is the market leader.

Business analyses

Business analyses allow us to check in detail the planned project and its assumed parameters; among other things, we assess the expected profitability of the project and optimise its costs. Business analysis include:

- due diligence analysis, i.e. the analysis of the property in order to identify risks associated with its acquisition and to indicate ways of minimizing them,
- valuation of the necessary expenditures necessary to carry out the project,
- financial assessment of the project to show whether the planned project is economically justified and is likely to yield the expected profit.


Next task is to find out how to finance the planned project in the best way, what sort of financing is possible and where to raise funds to effectively implement the project. We take care of:

- development of investment financing models – we check possible options and advise on choosing the most advantageous one
- helping to obtain optimum financing by taking care of all formalities


In designing, we use our passion for creation and professional knowledge, creatively combining technical parameters, design and expectations of our Client; moreover, we design unique buildings and space around them, bearing in mind the safety of future users and their living comfort.

Comprehensive project implementation

We delve into the project already at the design stage in order to precisely meet the Client's expectations, conducting on their behalf all subsequent activities to complete the project on time. You can trust us with:

- design management
- project management
- construction management
- cost management

Comprehensive project execution on the entrusted land

Conducting a project on behalf of and for the benefit of the Client, entrusting us with the land on which they want to build any building or complex of buildings, the conditions of cooperation are determined each time based on the Client's requirements and expectations.

Investor support from the beginning of the project

In this case all activities are concentrated in our hands, and thus we take full responsibility for the individual stages of the project (early contractor involvement) and we know all its details and can guarantee the highest quality of implementation.

Project commercialisation / sales

Project commercialization is a complex task of finding tenants or buyers for a building, and then leading to a sale or lease which is beneficial for our Client.